About Us

Welcome to Visit Palmdale, a non-profit organization created to promote tourism and travel in our city. We take pride in showing off the best of Palmdale and the surrounding High Desert region of Southern California.

Palmdale has an interesting history. In the late 1800s, some Swiss and German pioneers mistakenly thought the native Joshua trees were palm trees, leading them to settle here and call it Palmenthal (later changed to Palmdale). Before then, Native American tribes like the Kitanemuk inhabited this beautiful desert landscape for centuries, living off the land.

These days, Palmdale continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in California, with over 150,000 residents. We've got big city amenities - fantastic shops, eateries, arts and entertainment - paired with small-town charm and community spirit. Neighbors know and help each other, and life is good.

Out here you can hike rugged trails under sunny blue skies, camp in pristine nature preserves, stargaze into the Milky Way, and breathe in the fresh desert air. The natural beauty is second to none, with Joshua trees, wildflowers and panoramic views of the San Gabriel Mountains. Urbanites, come relax and unwind in wide open spaces.

Technology also thrives in our Aerospace Valley. Major companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman operate here, developing aviation and space systems that keep America on the cutting edge. We're proud to be the birthplace of icons like the U-2, SR-71 Blackbird, Space Shuttle and Mars Rovers.

With a blend of natural beauty, small town community, urban amenities, and Aerospace Valley technology, Palmdale delivers a uniquely fun visitor experience. Come check out this desert oasis and see our West Coast hospitality in action - we aim to please!