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Public Art in Palmdale

Step into Palmdale's parks and public spaces, where vibrant murals and sculptures paint the town with our region's stories! Let us guide you to these artistic gems, along with everything you need to know about our thriving arts and culture scene.

Where to See Art

The central areas around City Hall and Poncitlán Square boast some of the city's most well-known public artworks. 

You can admire the beloved Larry Chimbole sculpture by Michael Medina, a tribute to Palmdale's first mayor, at the Palmdale Civic Center, home to a 20-foot tall sculpture titled "Facing the Sun" by Lazzari and Evans Public Art, which pays homage to the sun and the region's native flowers. You’ll also want to check out Rancho Vista Park, featuring Roger Hetizman’s "Cosmo,” a large kinetic sculpture powered by the wind.

Parks like Marie Kerr and Domenic Massari are also buzzing with art. Artist Michael Farhat with Art Mobb painted murals on the basketball courts, highlighting the soul of Southern California. A mural made of acrylic paint by Nuri Amanatullah is displayed on Marie Kerr’s community building, paying tribute to the Antelope Valley's most beloved landmarks.

You can take in other notable murals, part of the Antelope Valley Walls, at various locations, from Desert Sands Park to Manzanita Heights Park.

More Arts & Culture 

Beyond street murals and public sculptures, our local arts and culture scene is brimming with events and attractions. 

The Kaleidoscope Art and Music Festival celebrates the region's creative spirit every fall. This festival showcases the work of local artists and features workshops, music performances, vendors, and other programming at the Palmdale Amphitheater, which hosts multiple concerts and events year-round. 

Another top arts attraction is the Palmdale Playhouse, offering a rich calendar of events, from musicals to plays and more, for audiences of all ages. 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Palmdale by exploring our public art–a testament to our city's rich history and creative spirit.