What fruit tree has an average of 7,000 pieces of fruit, has more than 1,000 varieties grown in the wild, and is covered with fruit that is a natural source of melatonin? You guessed it, cherries! This fan favorite is in season, and it’s just a hop, skip, and jump away. Just drive through Leona Valley during springtime and you’ll find cherry trees in full bloom decorated with ripe ruby red cherries with sweet and tart flavors that taste buds delight in. That’s right folks, it’s the time of year to celebrate cherries by partaking in all the fun festivities that the Antelope Valley has to offer!


Cherry Orchard

Cherry Parade & Festival

Check out parade floats, antique cars, and the famous deep-fried cherry burritos at the 51st Cherry Parade and Festival, Saturday, June 8th from 8 am-3 pm. What’s in this parade? I'm glad you asked! You’re in store for floats, horses, local beauty queens, antique cars, and any other surprises that locals might throw in the mix. The parade starts at 10 am and the road closes at 9 am so arrive early to get a good spot. The Cherry Festival takes place at the Leona Valley Community Building, 8367 Elizabeth Lake Road and admission is free!

There are plenty of hand-crafted items for sale, food vendors, and a live band at the festival. Be sure to check out the car show featuring restored cars from various eras. To put the cherry on top, this festival also offers a pie-eating contest! Any age can partake in the contest, the fastest to finish their slice of pie wins!


Cherry Picking

What’s more fun than picking your own cherries straight from the source? That’s right, eating them! Here’s a complete list of family-owned and operated cherry orchards located in Leona Valley. You’ll also be glad to know that they are all pesticide-free. 


This year’s cherry crop is open for picking in June. Make sure to check with the orchard of your choice to confirm the date they are available to pick.


Cherry Hill Farm

39300 Bouquet Canyon Road

Leona Valley, CA 93551


Full Moon Cherries

39734 87th Street West

Palmdale, CA 93551


Mustang Ranch Cherries

40206 Mustang Road

Leona Valley, CA 93551


Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch

10254 Leona Avenue

Leona Valley, CA 93551



Villa del Sol

6989 Elizabeth Lake Road

Leona Valley, CA 93551



Windy Ridge Cherries

9811 Leona Avenue

Leona Valley, CA 93551



You can see a map of the orchards below, which are a part of the Leona Valley Cherry Growers Association.